Hey there everybody,I’m a freelance Illustrator and Comic Artist.

The reason I wrote The Fantastical Sombrero is that, I feel the older people get the more they start to forget the inner child within. With this book I hope to get those people to once more listen to the that small voice whispering its time to have an adventure, to dream a dream,  so let go of yourself.

The Fantastical Sombrero is a story that came about on a beach, with friends (Mitch, Tash, Jordan, thanks guys). It is a fun story that allows your imagination to run wild. There is no age limit to enjoy this story. Feel free to laugh or cry depending on how you interact with the characters. Please do leave comments or suggestions as to what land you would like to visit in the World of The Fantastical Sombrero and that land might just become a reality you can read about. So come dream with me. Revive that child who used to run wild in the fields fighting imaginary battles.


Ashwin Chacko


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